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Stay tuned for 2016-2017 Bookmarks!

2015-2016 Primary Nominees

2015-2016 Intermediate Nominees

2015-2016 Middle School/Junior High Nominees

2015-2016 Young Adult Nominees

2015-2016 Picture Books for Older Readers Nominees

2015-2016 Bookmark Art Credits

Primary and Picture Books for Older Readers nominees: Calista H, 8th Grade.

Middle School/Junior High, Intermediate, and YA nominees: Nina V, 8th Grade.


Promote the CYRM program at your library with these student-created bookmarks. Do you have students who also love reading and drawing? If so, send us bookmarks from your students promoting the CYRM program. The CYRM committee welcomes bookmarks created by students that promote the current nominees, celebrate the current winners, or promote the CYRM program in general. Send submissions in a PDF format to and we will post them here.  Make sure to include the student name and initial of last name along with the grade level. (For privacy reasons, last names will not be listed.)

Daniella T, 8th Grade (celebrating the CYRM program and the 2014-15 winners) color | line art

Mila S, 8th Grade (celebrating the CYRM program and the 2014-15 winners) colorline art

Caitlin R, 8th Grade (promoting the 2015-16 PBOR nominees) color | line art

Daniella T, 8th Grade (promoting the 2015-16 YA nominees) line art

Anne C, 8th Grade (promoting the 2015-16 Primary nominees) color | line art

Charlotte L, 8th Grade (promoting the 2015-16 Intermediate nominees) color