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Tuesdays at the Castle


Tuesdays at the Castle

Alethea Allarey

Official Links


Written by Jessica Day George

Published by Bloomsbury USA, 2010


Castle Glower is magical.  Every Tuesday it creates new passages or rooms or even a new wing. No one can predict what will be added next but the castle seems to give the royal family whatever it needs. Celie, the youngest royal child, likes to map the changes the castle makes.  She loves the castle almost more than anyone in her family. She also understands that the castle functions according to certain rules, such as the throne room must always face to the East no matter where you are in the castle. Celie even seems to be able to communicate with the castle. This becomes handy when invaders attempt to take over the kingdom after the King and Queen are ambushed and declared dead. Will Celie’s 14-year old brother be forced to become king? Come along with Celie and her siblings as she and Castle Glower foil a plot to destroy the royal family and usurp the throne. This is a great new series for kids looking for a something fun with a great perky protagonist.

Meet the Author

Jessica Day George is an award-winning author. She received a BA in Humanities/Comparative Literature from Brigham Young University where she also loved taking classes on pottery making and Old Norse legends (she did not particularly enjoy her classes on biology and math!). Jessica received the 2007 Whitney Award for Best Book by a New Author for Dragon Slippers. She is the author of the Princess series, the Dragon Slipper series, and the Castle Glower series. Currently she lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, young son, and Maltese named Pippin.

Read more about Jessica Day George at


  • What kind of room would you want Castle Glower to create for you?  Have you ever been in a castle or a house with a secret passageway? If you could have a secret passageway, where would it go?
  • Have you ever believed something that everyone else thought was wrong? What did you do and were you right?
  • Do you have siblings and do you get along with them?  Do you have special skills that they do not have?  Have you and your siblings ever worked together on a big project?
  • Have your parents ever gone away on vacation? Did you have more or less freedom in their absence? 
  • How would you feel if your parents disappeared one day?  What could you as a child do to find them?


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